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  The basic characteristics of the breed are a medium sized
horse of gentle temperament with an
easy-ambling four-beat gait. This gait made it the horse of
choice on the farms and rugged
foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.
It was a horse for all seasons.
It could pull the plows in
the small fields, work cattle, be ridden bareback,
or be hitched up to a buggy. Because of its
rugged upbringing it tolerated the winters in
Kentucky with a minimum of shelter. Naturally,
out crossing with local horses did occur, but the basic
characteristics of a strong genetic line have continued.

In the summer of 1986, as a way of preserving
the breed, a number of people got together to
form the Rocky Mountain Horse Association (RMHA) as a
non-profit corporation in the state of
Kentucky. The association established a breed registry
and formed a panel of examiners to
provide vigorous supervision to the growth
and development of the breed.


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